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About Teresa Cypher

I came into the world a creator of stories. Having been born into a litter, the 7th of 8 children in a farming family, I've spent most of my life writing (escapism) stories in my head. My daydreams, as it turns out, are actually fiction in the making. From the time I was a little girl, I was a thinker, spending any time I could find to be alone--the bastion of undisturbed thoughts,--dreaming of other worlds and of fairy-tale love. My earliest influences were Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella, Star Trek, and Star Wars. Yep... I write SFR. Science Fiction Romance. I live with my husband in a humble house in the middle of a tall stand of hardwoods, bordered by soybean and cornfields, in western Pennsylvania. Mother of three adult children, and "Grammie" to five beautiful grandchildren, I revel in family gatherings and celebrations. My husband and I care for our gardens at home--our little corner of heaven, take care of the dogs, the cats, and the chickens. We like to have a glass of wine at sunset and watch the stars come out.
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100 Responses to Guestbook

  1. Kevin says:

    To my friend i have read and looked at every photo you have and you are very lucky woman to have such a beautiful family and friends around you and to treasure them in you heart for ever and looks like where you live is gods country i could only wish it was the same for me but look after your self and family and friends as they are hard to replace love you all .KEVIN.

  2. Lakota says:

    I haven\’t been in to visit my friends spaces in so long that I thought toda would be a good day to drop in and say hi. Be safe. Have fun.~Kota

  3. Val says:

    Hi , Wishing you a lovely Easter break and stay well..Take care…Val

  4. Ewe says:

    Hey girl, how you doing? I thought I\’d say "Hi" as I passed through. I commented on one of your pics while I was here, the sunrise pic.(Mar. 13)

  5. Kevin says:

     To Salix.
                Hi mate how are you going just droped in to tell you that i have added a heap of photo\’s so feel free to swing by and check then out ok see you soon .Kevin.

  6. Kevin says:

     To Willow Live.
                         Hi Willow i need you help badly as i am trying to add music to my space page but its asking for a web adress and i have tried a few times but unable to find so by any chance would you have the web adress for Brave Hearts sound track as i would be very greatful for your help as i am getting closer to finishing my page and i need music thank you please

  7. Kevin says:

    Willow Live Love you all and have a very very happy easter sunday you have made me so happy to-day your friend kevin

  8. Kevin says:

    To Willow Live
                        I have wrote a small blog at the top of my page thanking the people who encourage me to build my space and help along the way and you are one of these people i thank you from the bottom of my heart.Kevin.

  9. Kevin says:

    To Willow Live.
                        Hi Willow i have just noticed that you gave me you brave hearts of your space page and that means a lot to me that you lose your own music to give to me thats very thought of you to do that me Willow hope i can do some thing for one day and thanks very much. Kevin.

  10. BILLYKID says:

    Thanks for stopping bye, Willow. Sorry, I don\’t go to my guest book very often. Peace, Billykid.

  11. Jim says:

    Willow thanks for the fly by. I really like you site especially the quote life it to short to be small. thanks for that happy easter to you and yours. Big Z :0)

  12. Kevin says:

     To Willow.
                  Hi Willow you gave me your music now i am giving you something ok Now your space page click on customize then click Modules scoll down to add gadgets from windows live gallery click that then in the search engine at top type in Merlin the click gallery and there he is Merlin add then install. you have a great day and thanks.Kevin. PS.You will love him.

  13. John says:

    Happy Easter! Too bad I can\’t add images. Can you add a guestbook on the main page?

  14. Kevin says:

    Hi Willow Live.
                   If you have trouble with merlin come to my page and scroll down to merlin\’s box click on merlin\’s blue ball and install hope you have a nice day and heaps of people like your music thank you.Kev

  15. the singing says:

    ah wow willlow im in awe of the way you write it flows beautifully,   i really love the music on here its beautiful,  i will being doing a blog about me soon im in the process of doing it i hope it comes out right im gonna spend some time here and read some more its so relaxintg here,
     thankyou so much for your comments to my pictures i really appreciate that,  ill also be putting some of my poems on there soon as well and a link to my you tube account i have three different playlists there,  one for lively music one thats relaxing or inspiring and the third one im doing in such a way so it takes the hearer on a journey from dark to light (at least i hope i will 😉
    again thankyou so much for your comments and may peace be with you always my freind have fun

  16. Kevin says:

    To willow Live i am tried to join the web site you gave fileden .com and they me a code but will not work at all i really want our music back if i can.Kevin

  17. kevin says:

         just dropped by when I saw your site as a friend\’s update,  nice site,  that music\’s rather soothing. 
    regards KD

  18. Eric says:

    Did this work???????????
    I\’m such the failure!

  19. C. says:

    Hi! Some day maybe we will actually be on qna at the same time again. lol
    I hope you have a beautiful Spring. I just hope that by May WI will quit having these freak snow & ice storms. 🙂

  20. Kevin says:

    To Willow Live.
           Hi Willow Live how are you my friend as i felt i better see how you are and your family are going and we are closeing in on winter here as we had snow on the highlands two days ago and looks like a good year for us anyway hope you are well and hope to hear from you soon your friend fom down under the land of oz aussie kev.xx

  21. Val says:

    Hi Willow. Thought I,d stop by and say hello to you. You have  a great site here with great music too and such an interesting blog to read. Hope you have a wonderful week Willow..Take care…Val Kittycat

  22. Jan says:

    Just stopping by to whish you a \’wonnerfull\’ weekend…

  23. Ewe says:

    Hi Willow,
    If you\’d be interested in doing so, you can set your Guestbook settings to allow Rich Text Content. This allows your friends to leave pics and videos in their comments to you. Just a thought.
    I thought I left an earlier comment thanking you for the nice comments you had for my photography on my site. I didn\’t see it here, so maybe, I sent you thanks in a message??? Either way, I stopped by to thank you for visiting my site. Your friendship and storytelling is something I look forward to in Bloggerville. There\’s not many of us "old timers" left in Spaces, lol.
    Oh, and BTW, your friend kittycat321\’s avitar looks like my Alpha male "Tommy", lol.
    You take care….TTYL

  24. Unknown says:

    Hey Willow! Just stopping in to say hi and see how you are. Haven\’t seen you around in a while. Hope all is well. Take care!

  25. Kevin says:

    To my dear freind Willow Live.
      How have you been lately as i have been very busy lately and have\’nt had much time on the computer hope you are well and hope to hear from you soon your aussie freind from down under the land of oz Aussie Kev.PS.Hope all family is well and the cweather is good.

  26. Catwoman says:

    Hello Willow.
    Just wanted to stop by and thank you for visiting my space and for all the nice comments you said about my daughter. Can you believe that she is only 15. The prom pics make her look older. Her boyfriend broke up with her afterwards, but she is taking it wll. I like your photo\’s. They are very nice. I never went skiing, but it looks like you guys had a great time. Have a good day.

  27. Eye Candy says:

    Hello sweet willow, thank you so much for stopping by my site and taking a gander at my little girl\’s photos… isn\’t she sweet? It is definitely fun to dress her up and play model, she loves it, and it really boosts her self-esteem.. She is too cute at this age (5)… she is so worried what people will think about her. She cried the other day because she had to wear some cute army green pants and she said everyone will think she is a boy… If only I could instill in her, the confidence that I have… it will come with time I suppose. 🙂
    well, anywho- I just wanted to stop by and say thank you for visiting my site! much appreciated, and I hope that all is well with you!

  28. rob says:

    Hi Willow, keep missing ya on QnA so i thought ID pop round to your Gaffe You cant avoid me here MWAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAamatuerdramaticlAAAAAAAAugh!!!!!
    I Hope All is good
    I hope all is good
    I hope all is good
    I hope Eye Candy notices the subtle teasing there : )
    Hope to catch ya on QnA soon

  29. Little Prince says:

    Hi, Willow 🙂  I haven\’t visited in a while, and just wanted to stop by to visit for a moment.  I really enjoyed your tame/wild garden blog entry — beautiful!  I hope you are doing well. 

  30. David says:

    Hi. Great site! Thanks for letting me see it. G\’day.

  31. Kevin says:

    To Willow Live.
                    Hi mate how have you been and how is the family going well its winter here now foggy mornings and cool days but the nights are really cold well i haven\’t done much to my space as i have been really busy and not much time to do it in anyway hope your week end is a good one and hope to hear from you soon your friend from down under the land of oz Aussie Kev.

  32. Kevin says:

    To Willow Live.
                       Hi mate how are you well its 5.30 in the morning here and myself and a friend are going trout fishing for the weekend and the season shut for three months so have to go well i hope your weekend is going to be injoyable with friends and family and hope to hear from you soon your friend from down under the land of oz Aussie Kev.

  33. Lakota says:

    Hey Willow. Just dropping in to say hello. Be safe. Have fun.

  34. Kevin says:

     To Willow Live.
                           Well Willow i had a great weekend at my camping ground we only caught one trout due to the stream being to low and not enough rain but it was really cold saturday morning my swagg was covered in ice and the temp was 1 degree really freezing but it was very injoyable to be away and walking the river and we sore a few deer in the river and a few wombats they are like a bull terrior but short legs and really big and wide they are like a small bull dozer they dig hole big enough for a human to get into and they run fences like if they were not there making huge holes in them but they make great pets if you get them when they are little babies because when they are born they are only one inch long tiny things anyway our trip was fun and we had a few laughs along the way well hope you and your family are well and i wish you all a lovely week and will catch you soon your friend from down under the land of oz Aussie Kev.

  35. Ewe says:

    Hi Willow,
    I know, it\’s been a long time since I\’ve visited, and I apologize sincerely. I won\’t make any excuses.
    The site\’s looking great. I love the new music you\’ve added and the new pics. I\’ll try to visit more often. You take care and have a wonderful day.

  36. Val says:

    Hi Willow, Just thought I,d stop by and say hello. Hope your keeping well and your having a good week.Great site you have here and some great writing too.I Think your very talented.  Take care…Val kittycat

  37. Ewe says:

     ↓  ↓ ↓ ↓  ↓ *DITTO…..kittycat took the words right out of my mouth. ↓  ↓  ↓ (cat didn\’t get my tongue, cat got my words, lol.)
    As always, you\’re doing a great job on your page Willow, keep up the good work.

  38. Lakota says:

    Hey Willow. I haven\’t in here in  while and Ithought I should drop by and see wat\’s new.

  39. Paul says:

    Hey Willow, how are you? Do you still log inbto your Facebook account? I\’ve left plenty of funwall stuff there. Don\’t see you around though.
    No, I don\’t hang at QnA much anymore. They took all the fun out it.
    Not much luck with the birds this Summer. Landscaping scares them away and the weather has been al over the place. I\’m hoping things settle down and the feeders are put out again soon. The rose of sharon will bloom in a couple of weeks and that mean hummingbirds! 🙂
    Cool about the Oriole nest! Got pictures? All I have is sparrows and an occassional crow and robin.
    The gingerbread house is open for the next few weeks till the heat makes it impracticable. Drop by for a visit sometimes!
    Chi Chi

  40. Mindy says:

    Hi Willow!!!
    I am so glad you stopped in…I can tell you things have been too busy for me.  I have been going over the new QnA rebuild looking at the bugs and reporting them…there is a lot of interesting things that I have learned and have quite a bit more to learn…it will never end….lol….
    My daughter is graduating from high school soon and we are going to have a party for her BUT we have to finish the construction on the house…YIKES!!!
    I just loved the update photos of your dear little one there and her parents…  I am going to have to post photos of my garden on my Spaces just so I can look at them in the Winter….lol…
    I hope to see you on QnA when you are not in your garden or smooching babies!!!
    LUV YA

  41. Kevin says:

     To willow Live.
                          Hello mate how are you well a few things have change lately i am now a security guard now i finished my course over a week ago and i am over the moon as its the first full time job in 5 years as job here in Aussie land are changing heaps as employers like to have you as casual anyway hope you are well and i wish you a lovely week and hope to hear from you soon your friend from down under the land of oz Aussie Kev.

  42. Linda says:

    I could stay here all day!  I love this song!  You are so well thought of Willow! your friend, Lisa007

  43. Elegant says:

    LOVE your website, and like your comments and answers to NDWind 🙂 in "Who said this?"

  44. Jan says:

    I stopped in..Now what? 😉 Have a great one. And remember it\’s just one day away from the weekend.

  45. ♥mom♥ says:

    Hi Willow, thank you very much for the kind words…. I will try to be not so sad soon now… you guys sure help!!!

  46. Sue says:

      Sorry But your tagged!..
    For the Rules visit my Blog Sue

  47. ClowderMom says:

    Hey Willow – Good to hear from you!  Life has been a roller-coaster.  The divorce is still dragging on – yes, it\’s been over a year now….  Hopefully coming to an end within the next month or so????  Maybe????  LOL 
    I\’ve been keeping very busy and discovered myspace – more specifically the Own your friends (pets) and Mobsters…  You talk about addictive – LOL 
    The clowder is wonderful.  They like our new home.  I\’ve set up birdfeeders and hummingbird feeders outside the picture window in the living room (where they have perches to lay on) and at the sliding glass doors off the dining room to the patio….  Oh, what wonderful "cat TV".  I\’ve also adopted a couple outdoor kitties who look like they could use some affection/food – they may be community kitties who actually belong to a not-so-great owner, I don\’t know.  I thought my kids were better trained and well-behaved, but Reno (the runt) charges the door everytime she sees one of \’em.  They\’re blessed, and should share their bounty, but she\’s something else….  I\’ve overcome this by feeding my clowder when one of the outdoor kitties shows up – it\’s helped. 
    Other than that – today is my birthday!  I\’m 24 again – LOL…  Life\’s getting better day by day and I count my blessings – I\’ve got a bunch!  I hope all is well with you – take it easy, make lots of memories with your handsome family (critters included!) and keep in touch.

  48. Eric says:

    Sorry has this blasted piece worked???????????

  49. Unknown says:

    willow ;-)just spamming everyones space since i have not seen you all for a while.:o)

  50. Paul says:

    Hi! Miss ya. Where you be hiding?

  51. Kevin says:

    To Willow Live.
                        Thankyou you for your comments on my boys growing up i had to leave a few things out and i still have to finished it as there is a lot more yet to add anyway i am well and its very cold as its winter the temp has been as low 1 and the high as 10 or 12 of a day but its the nights that are really cold but spring is not far away and glad to hear you have summer and hope its not to hot for you and your family at the moment we have the pope in Australia he is in Sydney today and the place is packed with pilgrims from all over the world yeah so a big thing for every body well Willow i have been cleaning  up my space and made it tidy and at the moment i am trianing to be a security guard and my course starts in August 4 so looking forward to that be a good job for me well its nice to hear from you agian and hope every body is well and have a lovely day my friend and catch you soon your Aussie friend Kev from oz.

  52. Unknown says:

    Hey Willow! Thanks for always remembering me and dropping by to leave me a little note. You are always so thoughtful. I hope you\’re enjoying your summer. Take care!

  53. Paul says:

    Hi, WilloW!
    I never login to my profile on FB. I use INBOX at The reason is profile takes forever to load so I avaoid it at all costs.  Givve it a try.  You\’ll see what I mean.
    That would be cool, a video of the fireflies! I\’m waiting for my Rose Of Sharon to bloom and bring in th eh ummingbirds. I\’d lik eto get a few pictures this year.
    Chi Chi

  54. Ewe says:

    Hi Willow,
    All of us at Ewe\’s World miss you, I thought you should know.

  55. Paul says:

    Hi, Willow!
    It\’s not birds but it\’s close. 🙂 Take a peek.!FE85B10DD0557D8F!1993/

  56. Paul says:

    Thinking of you.

  57. Kevin says:

    To Willow Live.
                       Hello my friend just passing by and just letting you know that i will be off line for two weeks due security guard course as it starts tomorrow monday the 4 th as the last two times was cancelled as they didn\’t have enough numbers to do the course so i am looking forward to starting so thats why i wont have time for spaces as i will have heaps of home work to do and at the end of the two weeks we will be tested on what we have learnt so i will have to be on the ball so for now i wish you and your lovely family a beautiful week from your Aussie friend Kev.

  58. Paul says:

    Thank you WilloW!
    I had narrowed it down to Finch then House Finch but now you present an interesting possibility. I will do the research. You enjoy your day!
    Thank you again for all your help!!!
    Chi Chi

  59. Kevin says:

    To Willow.
                   Thankyou Willow for your comments on my trout story and yes that was quite an day that and i love fishing alone in the bush then i dont feel rushed and take it as it comes the time before that trip i fell over some rocks and broken cloer bone but lucky i wasnt to far away from the car and now i am gearing up for next month when the trout season opens again and the water will be freezing from the snow melting have to be careful then but i really injoy my self in the river so peaceful with the water running and bird life its just heaven to me so thanks my friend i am glad you injoyed my fishing adventure as much as i did and i will be back soon ok your friend from oz Aussie Kev.

  60. Kevin says:

    To Willow Live.
                      Hello my dear friend well i am just letting you know that i have finished my course and hope i dont ever do that again for awhile and now have to wait eight weeks for my licence and i haven\’t worked for a little while as its hard getting work when your over fifty anyway in the two week i have now three jobs two are cleaning jobs for shire offices and a house i clean twice a week and the shire job is three days a week in the evenings and my day job is four days a week which works out just fine with my cleaning job so i am so happy to be working again as i get bored quickly anyway its worked out just perfect for me now and when i get my licence well i might see if can fit it in on some weekend work yeah so i am a happy man now anyway how are you going my friend hope you are well and your garden is looking beautiful also so for now Willow have a lovely weekend with family and friends and catch you soon your Aussie friend from oz Kevin.

  61. Goddess Of The Universe says:

    Hi my dear!
    Love your site and your music :):)
    Hope all is good with you and your loved ones
    Hugs :):)

  62. Goddess Of The Universe says:

    I am still here….. LOLOLOLOLOLOLL…………
    Love that song !!!

  63. Ewe says:

    I liked your last avatar a little better than this one. Oh, there\’s nothing wrong with this one, I just thought the last one made you look a lot sexier, lol.    🙂

  64. Lakota says:

    It would be a lot easier to find your questions sooner if QnA gave us a better means of tracking our favorite contributors. Tracking our comments, answers and questions is all well and good, but I don\’t feel like scrolling through pages of superstars to find the ones I\’m more inclined to answer the questions of. I\’m much too lazy for that. Be safe. Have fun.~Kota

  65. Mary says:

    Hi Willow!!  What a lovely space you have here! I enjoyed reading your blogs, and I love the song you have playing. Take care, stay happy and I hope you have a wonderful week! 
    -Mary (Chicago Lady on QnA)

  66. BFU says:

    Hey kiddo!  Thanks for leaving me novel length notes!  I do have an email ya know! Just stopping by to wish you the best and always safe journey\’s.  Be well my friend.

  67. Willow says:

    Hey Bear!!  Novel length!! lol… I wonder if there is a limit on the number of words or characters in a guestbook entry??  Thank you for the kind wishes, and it is always a pleasure to drop by the hovel of my friend– Bear…  🙂

  68. Willow says:

    HI Chicago Lady– my fellow gardening kindred spirit! Thank you for your kind words, and for dropping by!  🙂

  69. Willow says:

    HI Suman, do you ever use alerts?  I do have a couple of users on my alerts. I know what you mean, though. Sometimes I feel so bad when I see a question after it is closed, and it is a brilliant question that I would like to have weighed in on, but never knew it was asked.  I guess we just cannot have everyone on alerts, huh??  How have you been?  It is nice to see you here– nice avatar by the way 🙂

  70. Willow says:

    HI Ewe!  Oh, back in the day when I had long hair?? 🙂  It will grow back … I just had bad hair day number 17, but who is counting??  Next year, when it is well below my shoulders again, I will forget all about this failed experiment in allowing someone else to cut my hair 😦  Good to see you 🙂

  71. Willow says:

    HI cs 😀  Glad that you like the song! It is a wonderful world, in spite of the sad times…hugs to you…

  72. Ewe says:

    I stopped by unannounced I know, but I wanted to say hello while I was in the neighborhood.  😉

  73. leanna says:

    Hi Willow! What a lovely surprise it was to have you visit my space. I love your\’s.It must have taken you hours and days to set up! Love the pics.I can tell you really enjoy life and how much fun you looked like you were having with your new QNA friends.Gorgeous pics! You have a lovely looking family that is for sure and nice friends.Do i think i look like my mom? Not so much as alot of people seem to think.Take a better look at the pics of me and my dad.You will see what i mean.Please visit again soon! Leanna ;))

  74. Willow says:

    HI Ewe, 🙂 Well, your neighborhood is not all that far from my neighborhood! We should get to each other\’s neighborhoods more often 🙂  I was actually through your neighborhood  (I-79) in mid-October…returning from my daughter\’s beach (OBX) wedding in NC.  We headed across NC to the western side before heading back up north– to see the mountains in their autumn glory. The view from the top of Grandfather Mt in NC shall surely take my breath away, all the days of my life… 
    Good to see your message here, my friend 🙂

  75. Willow says:

    Hi Leanna,  I looked at the pics of your dad, and such as many of life\’s mysteries go, you can see what I cannot 😉 lol, I see your mom so clearly in your face!   Thanks for stopping by and saying "Hi" and, yes, I will visit again soon 🙂

  76. Willow says:

    HI Lisa, thanks for dropping by! I will visit soon! 🙂

  77. Kevin says:

    To Willow Live.
                       Hello my dear friend how are you sorry if i have missed you but i am back at work now and dont have much time for spaces now due to getting home and to tied to start up the computer and answer messagers anyway hope you are well and your family are ok so for now have a lovely day your friend down under the land of oz Aussie Kev.

  78. Val says:

    H There! hought I,d stop by and wish you a lovely day.. love the song What a wonderful world 🙂 Take care..Val

  79. Sam says:

    Hey Willow thanks for stopping by Sam\’s Space hope you catch this! -Sam

  80. Sam says:

    Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving as well…………. -Sam

  81. leanna says:

    Hi Willow! Just wanted to wish you and your family a happy and a healthy Thanksgiving! Happy Gobble gobble! Leanna

  82. Kevin says:

    To Willow Live.
                         Hello to my dearest friend sorry i have\’nt been here for awhile but i have this new job and its keeping me very busy now a days and i have to work over the christmas break anyway i wish you and your family a merry christmas and a happy new year so for now have a lovely week and i will indever to catch you soon your friend from down under the land of oz Aussie Kev.

  83. little tweets says:

    Hello WillowHere is wishing you a very Merry Christmas:)

  84. Lebohang says:

    Hi Willow. I dropped by to wish you a pleasant festive season. Mine start too early this year because Bubu just got himself a brand new brother and we are all so excited about it. Ciao Ciao.

  85. Lebohang says:

    Happy Birthday Willow. Have a great one

  86. ZONEZERO says:

    Hi willow how are ya? did you get my mail?

  87. BigSteve says:

    Hi Willow,Have a Happy New Year. Take care.

  88. Raymond says:

    Hello. I,m up and moving around, so I thought, and yes it hurt!, I would stop by and say HI!So I did.

  89. Jodine Derena says:

    Hi Willow…I had a beaut pic for you and Deborah…but sadly I can\’t leave one. It was of Demeter and Persephone. My two favourite Goddesses aside from Rhiannon. Love and much light to you. Jx

  90. Temple says:

    Hope all is well and that you enjoy your day…I had a nice graphic picked out for you but it wouldn\’t let me post it – sorry…

  91. Wanttoknowsal says:

    Good luck on your new book. Just stopped by to say Hi.

  92. rob says:

    Hi willow i havnt seen/heard you since last Year!!! my fault i know as i havent been online/on qna since christmas Day. Thank you for the new year message, So as every taxi driver i know says "better late than never mate" Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!Hope all is grand in WillowWorld (sounds like a great name for an amusement park dont ya think????) I hope to catch you on Qna, ill try to log on more often. Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 4 now.

  93. Jodine Derena says:

    Hi Willow. Love and much healing Light to you. Love Jx

  94. soulsease says:

    hey willow i love your space here it\’s great that wedding looked like fun i bet it was a day to remember will come back tomorow to read it all thankyou for your comment on my space ive had a change around now a little, and thanks for the playlist thing its awesome 🙂 have fun peace be with 6you always hope all is well:)

  95. Debbie says:

    Hello Willow; Love your space and the story of your daughter\’s wedding. I\’m glad to have met you and thank you for joining my network. 😀

  96. Debbie says:

    Hi Willow. Have enjoyed visiting your space once again. Great artwork and lovely photos.

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