Wild Hair Weekend segment 3

One hour, just one hour I can spend writing today. Company coming for dinner, house to clean, food to fix…UGH! makes me want to hop on a plane and head straight back to Cape May. So we are at the top of the lighthouse and the view is incredible…and my mind starts to wonder…if you can see seven miles out to sea at sea level…just how far can you see from here?  The wind is just about howling at this height and there is still a bit of morning chill left in the air.

I look out to the south east and there is a strange structure on the beach..Ed tells us that it was a concrete fortress that soldiers used during WWII to watch for U-Boats approaching the US coast.  I zoom in and you can see the scale, from the people in the middle pic, that it is simply massive.  We are on a point that the sunset is watched from the other side quite often.  When I take a photo toward the sunset side of the  Cape, I see this massive concrete tower–also used to watch for U-Boats during WWII.


Across the parking lot is the trailhead of the wetland nature preserve. Ed asks, "Do you want to walk it?"

Reply…stereo "Yes!" in this pic you can clearly see the beginning of the wetland area, inland from the shore. 


Time to step back inside and start down the stairs, dodging people who are climbing as we descend.  As we step outside into glorious sunshine, I think that at least here, we blend in, lol, we are not SUCH tourists!  I can’t help it if I look like a tourist…as Ed has begun to tease us about (just a bit). probably my fault, because I takes pictures of EVERYTHING, but really, Carol is saying "Wow." as often as I am.  It is a bird watching event that has brought many to this beach today. The area is filled with cameras hanging about the necks of what appears to be people on an African safari… you know the look, safari vest (covered with pockets–khaki) and cargo pants and shorts.

I am in awe of just how stereotypical they DO look, however, common decency holds and I do not photograph any of them. They are not, after all, one of the attractions!

I am such a tourist!


It takes about an hour to walk the trail, and life is only just beginning to spring back anew in this harsh landscape. We are back at the parking lot–and indulge in a couple of "touristy" pictures!  We walk the stairs up to an observation deck on the beach. They have sown sea grasses on the dune, attempting to establish a natural habitat.  People-no, wildlife-yes.

carol is next to the jawbone of a ?sperm? whale perhaps? I cannot remember and I did not write it down! It is huge!!!

Back in the truck and rolling–we are looking for someplace to have lunch.  Ed makes a suggestion, and Carol and I both go with the flow, and follow the local’s lead. We find ourselves in a mom and pop’s store, local  landmark known for its sandwiches. We order their famous steak and cheese sandwiches and head back to Ed’s.  The recommendation was good, the steak and cheese’s are great. It is now nearly 2:30 and Ed is dozing off–time for his nap. Carol and I head down to the beach. We refused Ed’s offer of a ride, and carry our beach chairs and our beach bags…and look all touristy, lol, as we go. We are busy pointing and talking and laughing. We marvel at the array of landscaping techniques…and just how many houses have stones for front lawns!  Well, I just reckon that it is totally low maintenance!

It really is a different world–and I like it!

Ah, the beach…did I say, "Ah"?  <really big smile!>

it is soooo windy, my coverup is nearly blown off!  It was buttoned until carol gave me hell… and sometimes we all need to be given hell, and thank God for friends who are willing to do it! <big smile>

too good to be real…but the water is COLD!!!!

 We combed the beach for a bit looking for shells, for the elusive conch shell to be precise… and as I walked I heard carol yelling, "Ooh!! Teresa, hurry!  Bring you camera!  Huuuuuurrrry!!!"  She had come across a horseshoe crab…what a find!  What a rare thing indeed!! Take pictures!  How lucky are we?  Oh my God, O cannot believe it!!  Such luck! This probably happens once in a l lifetime! Holy cow, take pictures or no one will believe us that there was a horseshoe crab just there…on the beach…waiting for us to photograph it!!

I am laughing as I type… because…when I get to tomorrow’s pics, you will see!

   oh, the starfish was a find, the only one we saw, it was dead, and is at Carol’s now. 

Looking to our left,I  zoom in on the boardwalk at Wildwood, doesn’t look to be very far??? 


We finally change our focus from looking down to looking up and "uh oh!"

as much as we hate to do it, we call Ed and ask him to drive to the beach and pick us up.  Caught by approaching weather! Damn!


We went back to Ed’s and decided what the evening’s plans would be.  — then two Margaritas later, Ed said, "I know where we should go to eat tonight!  Tokyo–a Japanese restaurant, and Teresa can try Sushi.

I am not one to be a  party pooper, and honestly, I am game to try new things (within limit) so that was the plan.

Mercifully, I left my camera in the truck…avoiding all touristy type embarrassment for my companions in Tokyo. We were kinda like kids, each ordering two appetizers and then we shared, back and forth. It was okay. I think that the only raw anything that I ate was a smoked eel roll, and I viewed that like it was jerky…which I eat.  interesting food, And I do have a sense of humor, I treated for this one.

When we left the restaurant, it was raining so that put the kibosh on anything else…

Ed was a very good host. He made suggestions (which all turned out to be great) we never sat still, he knew the history of things, he knew the nature and the wildlife in the area.  I am sure that all contributed to what a wonderful (and busy) weekend that it was.

More later…

About Teresa Cypher

I came into the world a creator of stories. Having been born into a litter, the 7th of 8 children in a farming family, I've spent most of my life writing (escapism) stories in my head. My daydreams, as it turns out, are actually fiction in the making. From the time I was a little girl, I was a thinker, spending any time I could find to be alone--the bastion of undisturbed thoughts,--dreaming of other worlds and of fairy-tale love. My earliest influences were Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella, Star Trek, and Star Wars. Yep... I write SFR. Science Fiction Romance. I live with my husband in a humble house in the middle of a tall stand of hardwoods, bordered by soybean and cornfields, in western Pennsylvania. Mother of three adult children, and "Grammie" to five beautiful grandchildren, I revel in family gatherings and celebrations. My husband and I care for our gardens at home--our little corner of heaven, take care of the dogs, the cats, and the chickens. We like to have a glass of wine at sunset and watch the stars come out.
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  1. little tweets says:

    What a trip you had !!  Sounds like a wonderful place to visit. 

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