The month of “mud’

Or more aptly called the month of contrasts.  March certainly is its own animal in this part of the world.  So unpredictable, so extreme one way or the other…I can clearly recall days of snow a foot deep, storms that dumped 18 inches of wet snow, and mud that threatened to coat everything within the confines of a four state area.
It is the month of snow squalls and hopeful statements made by the local weatherman, "High of 26 on Wednesday, low of 18…probably…the coldest temperatures that we will see until November".
And we take his words as ‘gospel’. ♥
It is the month when we worship emerging crocuses, announce that it is the ‘queen’ of the flower garden and swear to plant more this fall…
But just like the words of the weatherman, our words are subject to great scrutiny… and likely to prove untrue!
It is the month when we unpack our kites, buy new string, line up eager child volunteers to justify our kite flying… and then declare against a cold, bitter northwest wind, "What silly fool ever said that March is the kite flying month?"
It is the month that we start out with frost on our windshields every morning…and then one day relize that it has been a week since we had to scrape our windshield before we left for work in the morning.
It is quite often the month of the first sunburn, that accompanies the stiff back and the aching leg and arm muscles.  If only we had known!  Someone should have told us that our skin has not been exposed to sunlight for six months…and is just a bit tender?
And someone could have mentioned also that muscles used so regularly during summer gardening and fall clean up…have indeed, atrophied and are likley to protest an early overuse in a very painful way!
March is the month when we get that first glorious day that inspires us to  develop an illness that will keep us home from work… then uh oh!  Upon return to work, we must explain the sunburnt face and the stiff gait…  🙂
It is the month when brightly colored plastic Easter eggs appear on shrubs and trees in nearly every lawn that you drive past… and now the huge inflatable easter bunnies stand guard beside the egg covered shrubs…
It is the month when we leave darkenss behind, and the light of day becomes prevalent.  When the axis becomes tipped beyond the point of short, dark, gray days and early sunsets.
It is the month when the spirit sings with the sunrise…and accepts the rain, that better things are coming…life teeters on the edge of bursting forth anew.
March is pastel ribbons and cotton bonnets, ruffled dresses in rosebud pink and butter yellow.  It is tulip bouquets and daffodil bunches, lilac buds swelling and green tips emerging.  It is a strange, yet oddly familiar birdsong emanating from the deep woods…
It is the smell of nightcrawlers on wet pavement, and a surprising warm evening, the air so thick with a southern push, that you can cut it…
It is the first candlelit evening sitting on the back porch…wrapped in a throw. And you cannot pry yourself from that chair, because you are delirious, downright drunk with the song of the returned nightjar and the spring peepers…
It is the return of something become almost a stranger… thunder rumbling and lightning cracking the air.  The gray black skies of the approaching storm… the rush of chilll air likely to follow…
It is the reminder to look out upon the horizon at end of day, off to the east after a rain, at the rainbow that will, without pomp and circumstance, take you by surprize…
It is the month of mud…but my, oh my, it is the month of change…♥♥♥
It is March in western Pennsylvania, Zone 5… ‘just a waitin’ on spring’
It  is optimism and songs coming from within that you cannot quell…
Tell me about March where you are?

About Teresa Cypher

I came into the world a creator of stories. Having been born into a litter, the 7th of 8 children in a farming family, I've spent most of my life writing (escapism) stories in my head. My daydreams, as it turns out, are actually fiction in the making. From the time I was a little girl, I was a thinker, spending any time I could find to be alone--the bastion of undisturbed thoughts,--dreaming of other worlds and of fairy-tale love. My earliest influences were Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella, Star Trek, and Star Wars. Yep... I write SFR. Science Fiction Romance. I live with my husband in a humble house in the middle of a tall stand of hardwoods, bordered by soybean and cornfields, in western Pennsylvania. Mother of three adult children, and "Grammie" to five beautiful grandchildren, I revel in family gatherings and celebrations. My husband and I care for our gardens at home--our little corner of heaven, take care of the dogs, the cats, and the chickens. We like to have a glass of wine at sunset and watch the stars come out.
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1 Response to The month of “mud’

  1. RON says:

    Hi Willow,
        On this side of the mountain March is a good time to get everything done inside that we have put off all winter.  The cold wind outside is induces a Strong desire for cookies and hot cocoa in the evenings while I make excuses to put off doing inside things till next winter. 🙂  Just think though, soon the flowers and trees will be in bloom and the Ives of March will be forgotten for another year.

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